Martin Miller’s Gin

June 17, 2009

A lot of high end liquors try to sell you with a story. Martin Miller’s Gin has quite a doozy – after distillation, the raw spirit is shipped from England to Iceland to be combined with water to bring it to proof. I can tell you after receiving a sample bottle, and having enjoyed it […]

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Voyager Gin and the Gin-Gin Mule

June 5, 2009

I’m ready to become a locavore — at least when it comes to gin. That’s because I am lucky enough to live less than a 10 mile drive from Pacific Distillery, producers of the delightful Voyager Gin. Voyager is a single-batch gin that is distilled from 100% neutral grain spirits using a 500 liter copper […]

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Ramos Gin Fizz

May 22, 2009

You can’t claim to be a cocktail geek if you haven’t tried to make a Ramos Gin Fizz. This New Orleans classic was created in the 1880s by Henry C. Ramos for his bar at Meyer’s Restaurant. He started with a blend of gin, citrus, and cream, then added some orange flower water for a […]

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24 Toddy

April 30, 2009

Here it is, Thursday Drink Night, sponsored by Beefeater 24, no less, and I have a wretchedly sore throat.1 While not in the frame of mind to taste cocktails tonight, my condition lead me to come up with a drink to contribute. 24 Toddy 1.5 oz Beefeater 24 London dry gin 6 ounces ginger lemon […]

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Beefeater 24

April 27, 2009

Beefeater London dry gin has long been a go-to gin in my collection. Now Desmond Payne, the Master Distiller, is bringing us a premium take on the standard recipe, Beefeater 24. I had already heard great things when I received not one, but two full bottles for review in preparation for this week’s Beefeater 24 […]

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Metaxa Seven Star and the Moschaton Cocktail

April 1, 2009

When I was 10, I won a trip to Greece.1 My dad and I went on a two week tour of the country, and I learned I did not like ouzo.2 I also learned that Metaxa is a Greek liquor that my dad wanted, and it was important he get the seven star. That I […]

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Right Gin and the Zummy Cocktail

March 28, 2009

Right Gin is not afraid to say it – they want to be the gin for people who think they don’t like gin. It is, after all, created by people who thought they should like gin but couldn’t find one that worked for them. As you know, I already know I like gin, but was […]

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San Martín Cocktail

March 25, 2009

I’m eagerly looking forward to this week’s Thursday Drink Night. Our sponsor is Beefeater Gin. I’m expecting there will be a lot of fun and interesting drinks invented based on this London dry gin, which is one of my favorites because it brings high quality at an affordable price. To get into the spirit, I […]

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The Campari Dolce

February 27, 2009

Has this ever happened to you? You invent a new drink, and you think it’s the greatest thing ever. You sweat over a good name, you brag about it to all your friends. And then you forget about it. You remember a few months later, and try it again, and cannot imagine what lead you […]

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MxMo XXXVI: Hard Drinks for Hard Times — The French 75

February 16, 2009

It’s Mixology Monday again, and this month’s host is the inimitable Matthew Rowley. This month’s theme is mighty timely: Hard Drinks for Hard Times. Our task this month is to: [M]ix, consume, and write about an alcoholic drink you’ve made that resonates with the current economic turndown and explain how it addresses the theme. One […]

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