Mixology Monday

MxMo XLIV: Money Drinks — Vanilla Whiskey Royale

December 14, 2009

Mixology Monday is here again, and this month is being hosted by one of my favorite Seattle bartenders, Kevin Langmack.1 Kevin has given us the theme of Money Drinks. We had two directions we could go. First: A “Money” drink is something you can put in front of anyone, regardless of tastes or distastes about […]

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MxMo XLIII: Vermouth — The Visconti

October 26, 2009

Fall is closing in fast, but October refuses to leave until we honor it with a Mixology Monday. Over at Cocktailians, Vidiot is hosting a most excellent theme, Vermouth. He bids us: Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to present a delectable vermouth cocktail for us all to drool over. Sweet/Italian or […]

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MxMo XLI: Vodka is Your Friend — The Mike Romanoff Cocktail

August 10, 2009

I appear to have fallen victim to the “just stop blogging after a major event” virus following Tales of the Cocktail, so I’m glad Mixology Monday has rolled around to inspire me out of my post-NOLA doldrums. And this month Amelia at Felicia’s Speakeasy has finally lain down the challenge we have so long avoided. […]

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MxMo XL: Ginger — Gingered Rum Old Fashioned

June 15, 2009

This Mixology Monday was one I couldn’t miss — after all, RumDood included a link to one of my posts in his announcement! This month it’s ginger, and as I have noted before, I LOVE ginger. Our challenge, from dear Matthew is: Find or concoct a cocktail recipe that uses ginger in one of its […]

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MxMo XXXIX: Amaro — Averna

May 18, 2009

Another month, another time to sort out what Roman numeral comes next. It’s Mixology Monday, and this month our fearless host is Chuck Taggart, who blogs about food and cocktails over at Looka! on the Gumbo Pages. Chuck has asked us to tackle the world of potable bitters: You could use something gentle, like the […]

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MxMo XXXVII: First Time — The Daiquiri

March 8, 2009

Two at the Most mixes up a daiquiri for Mixology Monday 37, and excellent drink for a newcomer to the cocktail world.

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MxMo XXXVI: Hard Drinks for Hard Times — The French 75

February 16, 2009

It’s Mixology Monday again, and this month’s host is the inimitable Matthew Rowley. This month’s theme is mighty timely: Hard Drinks for Hard Times. Our task this month is to: [M]ix, consume, and write about an alcoholic drink you’ve made that resonates with the current economic turndown and explain how it addresses the theme. One […]

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MxMo XXXV: Broaden Your Horizons — The Paquimé Cocktail

January 19, 2009

Lo and behold, it’s another Mixology Monday! This 35th incarnation is being hosted by The Scribe at A Mixed Dram, and he bids us: Broaden Your Horizons. Try a new base spirit, a new technique, anything, just as long as it’s something new for you. The Scribe is apparently precognitive, because the base spirit he […]

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MxMo XXXIV: Spice — Juniper Berry Syrup

December 14, 2008

Another month, another Mixology Monday. This month is hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments, who offers up the theme of Spice. For guidance, he tells us: Spice should give you plenty of room to play – from the winter warmers of egg nog, wassail and mulled products to the strange and interesting […]

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MxMo 32: Guilty Pleasures — The Lemon Drop

October 13, 2008

My name is Stevi. I play a cocktail ingenue on the intarwebz. I try to educate my friends about the glories of gin and cocktails that actually taste a little bit like the alcohol that’s in them. But I have a deep dark secret, one I will finally share for this month’s Mixology Monday, Guilty […]

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