Swedish Punsch

May Blossom Fizz

September 4, 2009

The days are already noticeably shorter. It’s getting to the point where it is dark when I’m getting up. I wanted a nice summer drink to hang on to the seasonal feeling. Barflies and Cocktails is still my go to recipe book. There I found the May Blossom Fizz. The recipe is written in the […]

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Welcome Stranger Cocktail

September 2, 2009

Here’s another drink I stumbled upon in Barflies and Cocktails. Welcome Stranger Cocktail 0.5 ounce gin 0.5 ounce brandy 0.5 ounce Swedish punsch 0.5 ounce lemon juice 0.5 ounce orange juice 0.5 ounce grenadine Shake until good and cold, double strain into cocktail glass. This was one of those recipes I couldn’t quite guess how […]

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Make Your Own Grenadine

August 25, 2009

It took a long time for me to warm up to grenadine as a cocktail ingredient, after a childhood chock full of bright red Rose’s Grenadine Shirley Temples. But now I know how many great cocktails include grenadine. A couple of personal favorites are the El Presidente and the Blinker. And now that I know […]

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Hot Buttered Swedish Punsch

December 20, 2008

Here in Seattle, we’re battening down the hatches in preparation for Snowmageddon: The Return. In the calm before the storm, I took a short trail ride in the snow, and now that I’m back, I’m in need of a warming drink. Happily, I already had some hot buttered rum batter in my refrigerator, calling to […]

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Cocktail Fail Tale: the Broadway Smile

November 17, 2008

Searching for more drinks to make with my Swedish punsch, I found yet another entry in Erik Ellestad’s ongoing stomp through the Savoy. This one is the Broadway Smile. Broadway Smile Cocktail 1/3 créme de cassis (Briottet) 1/3 Swedish punsch (homemade) 1/3 Cointreau Use liqueur glass and pour carefully so that ingredients do not mix. […]

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MxMo XXXIII: Made from Scratch — Swedish Punsch and the Suédois de vanille

November 9, 2008

It’s Mixology Monday again. This month, Doug Winship at the Pegu Blog has declared the theme to be “Made from Scratch.” We are to make at least one of our own ingredients and decide if it’s worth the effort. I have written about Swedish Punsch before. This mix of Batavia arrack, neutral spirits, sugar, water, […]

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Pooh Bah Cocktail

November 3, 2008

Believe it or not, I still have a little bit of my bottle of Swedish Punsch left. Tonight I decided to find a recipe to appreciate it. I hit a real prize with the Pooh Bah cocktail. Pooh Bah Cocktail 3/4 oz gin (Bombay) 3/4 oz light rum (Flor de Caña 4 year Extra Dry […]

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Bluecoat Gin and the Corpse Reviver No. 2a

September 19, 2008

It’s definitely a fun time to be a gin lover in the US. Several distillers across the country are producing new, exciting gins. I’ve tried most of the West Coast contenders, but my latest acquisition comes to us from Philadelphia: Bluecoat American Dry Gin. The distiller tells us they use a handmade copper pot still, […]

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Swedish Punsch

September 9, 2008

Over at A Mountain of Crushed Ice, Tiare had a contest to name her drink. As I always have a hard time naming my own drinks, I was thrilled when she liked my name. Especially since the prize was a bottle of Swedish punsch! Swedish punsch is one of those ingredients that’s near mythological here […]

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