Hacked By Imam

July 1, 2013

Hacked By Imam with Love

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Bourboned Cranberry Relish

November 26, 2009

I’ve been experimenting with cranberry relish recipes for well over a decade now, and have finally found one that works well for me. It has the advantage of being incredibly easy to make, and well, bourbon! It’s best to make this the night before. If you do, I recommend that you first make yourself a […]

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Welcome Stranger Cocktail

September 2, 2009

Here’s another drink I stumbled upon in Barflies and Cocktails. Welcome Stranger Cocktail 0.5 ounce gin 0.5 ounce brandy 0.5 ounce Swedish punsch 0.5 ounce lemon juice 0.5 ounce orange juice 0.5 ounce grenadine Shake until good and cold, double strain into cocktail glass. This was one of those recipes I couldn’t quite guess how […]

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Gloom Raiser

August 31, 2009

I was paging through the delightful Barflies and Cocktails by Harry McElhone, one of the wonderful reprints by Mud Puddle Books. Amongst all the wonderful illustrations by Wynn Holcomb, I found a variation on the martini that was new to me. Gloom Raiser 1.5 ounces London dry gin 0.75 ounces dry vermouth 2 dashes absinthe […]

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Tequila Por Mi Amante

August 29, 2009

Tequila por mi amante1 is a wonderful combination of tequila and ripe strawberries. This is my second year making tequila por mi amante, and this year’s result was far superior to last. I pretty slavishly followed Chuck Taggart’s recipe. Tequila por mi amante 750 ml resposado tequila (Sauza Hornitos) 3 pints fresh ripe strawberries, hulled […]

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Make Your Own Grenadine

August 25, 2009

It took a long time for me to warm up to grenadine as a cocktail ingredient, after a childhood chock full of bright red Rose’s Grenadine Shirley Temples. But now I know how many great cocktails include grenadine. A couple of personal favorites are the El Presidente and the Blinker. And now that I know […]

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MxMo XXXIV: Spice — Juniper Berry Syrup

December 14, 2008

Another month, another Mixology Monday. This month is hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments, who offers up the theme of Spice. For guidance, he tells us: Spice should give you plenty of room to play – from the winter warmers of egg nog, wassail and mulled products to the strange and interesting […]

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Zen Green Tea Liqueur and the Matcha Cocktail

December 11, 2008

I have fond memories of witnessing a traditional Zen Buddhist tea ceremony at the Smithsonian Museum. We were given small sweets, and after the ceremony, a taste of the matcha tea. It was bitter and strong, not like any tea I had tasted before. I can still remember that taste today. Thus, when I read […]

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MxMo XXXIII: Made from Scratch — Swedish Punsch and the Suédois de vanille

November 9, 2008

It’s Mixology Monday again. This month, Doug Winship at the Pegu Blog has declared the theme to be “Made from Scratch.” We are to make at least one of our own ingredients and decide if it’s worth the effort. I have written about Swedish Punsch before. This mix of Batavia arrack, neutral spirits, sugar, water, […]

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Ginger Syrup

October 29, 2008

I love ginger. Ginger ale, ginger beer, gari, gingersnaps, gingered mashed potaotes, you name it, I will presume I’ll love it if it’s flavored with ginger. Back in my homebrewing days, I flirted with making my own ginger beer, but never followed through. I did make my own ginger syrup, and found that when mixed […]

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